Happy Holidays from TFI!

As many of you know, in addition to my acrylic abstracts, jewelry, photos, etc., I’m a graphic designer. I’ve worked for Technology Futures, Inc., an Austin-based research and consulting company, for many years.

Each year we at TFI create our own holiday cards around a current event or trend. My father, John Vanston, writes the verse, and I design the card around the chosen theme. This year we chose Artificial Intelligence, which is especially fitting since — in addition to his work in communications forecasting and valuation — my brother, TFI’s President Lawrence Vanston, has an interest in AI. Earlier this year, his article “Forecasting the Impact of Artificial Intelligence: Another Voice” was published in the Foresight journal and he spoke on the topic at the recent Foresight Practitioner Conference. My sister, Carrie Vanston, The Alligator Wrangler, also helps with advice on the theme and wording. It is definitely a family effort!Microsoft Word - 2019 AI Holiday Card.docx

I hope you enjoy the AI greeting! I genuinely wish you Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

Featured artist at the 3LG

Grove of Grandeur

I’m honored and excited to be invited to be the featured artist for November at the cool local Pflugerville wine bar, the Three Legged Goat. The opening on Friday, Nov 8, 6:30-8:30. Stop by the 3LG when you can for a great glass of wine or beer. They have live music on the weekends, and a warm welcome spirit all the time.

The featured piece “Grove of Grandeur” is made of painted acrylic tubes with accents of beads and tiny lights.

A Change in Seasons & Cattails

The four squares in “A Change of Seasons” represent winter, spring, summer & fall and the wooden board and branches represent the changing colors of a nature. It can hang vertically or horizontally. Acrylic and misc objects on canvas panels, wood and branches. 2019, 13×36″ plus the branches. $450.

In the back (left) is “Cattails” Acrylic Paint & Paint with Branches. Repurposed clay and iron stand. Lights. The acrylic tube portion is approx 24×20″ but with the stand and branches, it stands 6-7′ tall. 2019 $450

Cattails and 4 Seasons 2

Four Seasons Horz done 2

EAST Austin Studio Tour 2019

I’m excited to be part of Art 84 during the EAST Austin Studio Tour, Nov 16-17 & 23-24, 2019 and looking forward to another great year of Music + Art + Dance.

Stop by and see me and the other artists in November!
• 500 Art 84 | Dance + Music + Art
• 501 Melanie Hickerson
• 502 Helen Mary Vanston Marek
• 503 Harrison Marek
• 504 Luna Davis
• 505 Kim Eitze
• 506 Justin C. Gordon
• 507 Eve Larson
• 508 Yoyo Pong
• 509 Randall Soileau
• 510 Digital Den
• 511 Art From The Streets

Featured November Artist at 3 Legged Goat

I’m soooo honored and excited to be invited to be the featured artist at the Three Legged Goat (3LG) for the month of November!!
How cool is that!!!! 
There will be an opening reception sometime in early November — more on that later.
The TLG is a really cool little local Texas Wine Bar in Downtown Pflugerville. They have a nice little patio area outside with live music almost every weekend.
It’s wonderful to see a local establishment supporting local artists! Ricardo Martinez is the Sept artist and Kimberly Morgan is their Oct. artist. Check out their FB page for list of musicians.

(Photo – Henry, Buck, and I at the 3LG.) https://www.facebook.com/threeleggedgoattx/

Aquatic Pirouette

Aquatic Pirouette - HMV Marek 2

Aquatic Pirouette will be displayed at Art 84 during the EAST Austin Studio. (2019) Acrylic on Canvas Board with Beads and String, 12×16” $275 SOLD

Art 84 | DANCE +MUSIC + ART is a pop-up exhibition at 84 Waller St. on the 2019 EAST Studio Tour (Stops #s TBA) featuring visual artists plus lots of live music and dancing. EAST hours: Nov 16-17 & 23-24, Noon-6pm. plus special events. www.art84.org


Maura’s Daisy

I created this digital collage while playing around with one of my paintings and a flower photo. The original painting is a little 6×6” (x 4) called “Maura’s Garden” in memory of the daughter of a close business friend. I thought the gerber daisy complemented the image nicely.

Maura’s Voice strives to learn as much as possible about violent acts and how to prevent them. Hate is a serious threat to public safety. They are a positive force for cultural change.

$50. 1/2 of proceeds of sales of “Maura’s Daisy” go to Maura’s Voice.
Digital collage, Image: 8×8″ Matted: 12×12″

Mauras garden x 4 w gerber daisy 2



Stairway to the Unexplored

stairway to the unexplored sm

This particular piece started with one of my “swishy” paintings which I took a photo of. I then copied and reversed the photo in Photoshop to give it the mirror “inkblot” image. The stairway is behind my house on the hike and bike trail (they added two stairs a few years ago). I photographed it, removed the background, added a bunch of filters, duplicated it, changed the colors, and used a transparent filter, and placed it over the painted portion (all it Photoshop).

Stairway to the Unexplored (2019) Digital Collage
8×12″ Metal Print with bead details on frame. $65.
Framed 8×10″ Photo print. $60

I have a bead bloom for this painting too – which I’ll add later to the painted piece, but I like the effect achieved with working with images of it and photos. Plus it gives me another option for my swishy paintings!

This is a work-in-progress with “Ocean Burst” and it’s beaded Bloom (name probably will change). Ocean Burst was used to create “Stairway to the Unexplored” above.

Update: The below pieces came together as “Aquatic Pirouette”

ocean burst w bloom