Art 84 works with the Neill-Cochran House Museum to create Virtual Tour of “Hope for Spring: the Flower of Texas”

To celebrate the beauty of the Texas State Flower the Neill-Cochran House Museum (NCHM) in Austin is displaying a collection of local art inspired by the bluebonnet. I’m thrilled that one of my sculptural pieces is in the show.

Texas Bluebonnets: A New View by Helen Mary V. Marek

I posted photos from the show opening, and one of my friends asked if there was a virtual show. What a great idea! I reached out to the NCHM staff and the Art 84 team and we agreed that Art 84 would create a virtual tour of their “Hope for Spring: the Flower of Texas” exhibit! My son, Hudson, and I met with the NCHM staff and Hudson videoed an intro and all the individual art entries. The virtual tour video came out great and it allows more people to view the show and see it after it closes on April 11. Enjoy the show! (Art displays start at 5:33). 

There’s a great backstory of how the Dames of Texas helped encourage the Texas Legislature in 1901 to choose the bluebonnet by displaying “Bluebonnet and Evening Primrose” by Mode Walker and presenting each Legislator with a jar of bluebonnets. That painting hangs at the historic home.

If you haven’t had a chance to view “Hope for Spring: The Flower of Texas” exhibit at the Neill-Cochran House Museum (NCHM) in Austin, we encourage you to visit. The in-person show closes April 11, 2021. There are 37 artists and over 50 pieces featured including art by Art 84 EAST artists Randall Soileau and myself.

Direct link to virtual tour video:


One of these days I’m going to set up a purchase site to buy online my jewelry. In the meantime, here are some of my designs. I also do custom work if you have a special outfit you need jewelry for! Contact me about prices at Thanks for looking!!

Wire and bead necklace and earring sets $75 each
Statement necklace and earring sets (some have matching bracelets too) $60 each set
Rock necklaces $40 each.
Origami Bird earrings $15 set. The paper is imagines of my paintings
More Jewelry. Inquire on prices and availability
More jewelry. Inquire about prices and availability

Digital Collages — Seasonal Flowers and Architectural designs

Seasonal Flowers Digital Collages:

My seasonal flowers are digital collages using my images of paintings with flowers and architectural elements added. I think they are really cheerful! Clockwise from top left: Summer Sunflower, Winter Rose, Spring Daisy, Maura’s Daisy*, Summer Sand Dollar, and Fall Flower.

Matted Prints are $50* (image 7×7″, mats 12×12″)

*Note: 50% of sales of Maura’s Daisy goes to Maura’s Voice a non-profit started in memory of the daughter of a friend who was the victim of gun violence:

Architectural Digital Collages:

“Stairway to the Unexplored” and “Climbing to New Heights” (below) are also digital collages. The backgrounds are from my paintings “Aquatic Pirouette” “Aquatic Expanse” before the beads were added. The stairs are superimposed over the images. I plan to make more of these in 2020! Contact me about prices.

Totes & Zippered Bags

I use the seasonal flowers and some of my paintings on totes and zippered bags.
Each bag is a little different.

Tote and zipper bags 1800x1800 by HMV Marek

Bags are $25.

The 13×13″ tote bags are available in several different colors and large enough for a computer tablet, papers, few groceries, etc.

The 9×6″ zippered bags are flat with a long rope shoulder strap that’s great for travel or dancing when you don’t want to leave your purse on the table. They are available in black and natural and have beaded zipper pull.

Round Rock Arts “ReImagine” show — up until April 4

Great “ReImagine” Opening at the RR Texas State Campus. What a great art/music/dance show! Dancing by the Rock Rock Ballet Folklorico, music by Central Texas Philharmonic, and lots and lots of art by over 60 artists!

Thanks to my family for supporting me, and it was great to see so many fellow artists — and get to meet some new folks too! The show is up until April 4, so go by and check it out. RR Texas State Campus 1555 University.

Texas State (SWT San Marcos) is my alma mater, so I’m especially excited to be in this exhibit!

Art for the People Gallery Opening

What a fun evening for the Opening of Art for the People Gallery’s shows:
Art of Celebration, Celebrities – People & Pets, and Art Art Art. AftP is a beautiful gallery and gift shop at 1711 S. First Street in Austin. Show runs through April. Stop by and soak in all the beautiful art. Visit their webpage to purchase art:

Super Excited to be in a Couple of Upcoming Art Shows!


HM TxState Campus RR ReImagine I’m super excited that three of my pieces are in upcoming shows in the Austin area.

“Aquatic Pirouette” (above) will be in the Round Rock Arts “ReImagine” show at the Texas State University, Round Rock Campus. The show runs Feb 28-April 4, 2020. This is especially dear to my heart since I got my BFA in Commercial Art from Texas State (then Southwest Texas State) in San Marcos.

And two of my works — “Change of Seasons” and “Stairway to the Unexplored” will be in the Art of Celebration show at Art for the People Gallery, a wonderful gallery in South Austin. The show runs through April 25, 2020.

Four Seasons Horz done 2

Change of Seasons” by Helen Mary V. Marek (2019)
Four 6×6” Panels (Acrylic and Misc. Items on Canvas Board) Mounted on Stained Basswood and Branches. 35 x 13 x 2” (plus branches)
I prefer this vertically, but it can either direction (shown horizontal).
$450.00 (available from AftP)
Meaning/Inspiration: Each 6×6” panel represents a season – the icy blue of Winter, the blossoming green of Spring, the cool colors of the beach in Summer, and the russet change of colors and twirling winds of Autumn – all mounted on wood and branches representing the tree of life.

5a_Helen Mary_Marek_Stairway to the Unexplored_Austin Artist_Austin Gifts

Stairway to the Unexplored” by Helen Mary V. Marek (2019)
Digital collage. Printed on Metal. Beaded detail on frame. 9.5 x 13.5
$75.00 (available from AftP)
Meaning/Inspiration: A mystical stairway leads up into an unknown space created by swirling colors. Where do the stairs lead? What adventures lie ahead? What mysteries await?

Aquatic Pirouette - HMV Marek 2

Aquatic Pirouette by Helen Mary V. Marek (2019)
Acrylic on Canvas board with beads and string 2019 12 x 16”
$275.00 SOLD
Inspiration: The swirling ocean and twirling ocean life between the fertile land, the breaking waves, the majestic sky, and the twirling swirling life that inhabits them all.

Happy Holidays from TFI!

As many of you know, in addition to my acrylic abstracts, jewelry, photos, etc., I’m a graphic designer. I’ve worked for Technology Futures, Inc., an Austin-based research and consulting company, for many years.

Each year we at TFI create our own holiday cards around a current event or trend. My father, John Vanston, writes the verse, and I design the card around the chosen theme. This year we chose Artificial Intelligence, which is especially fitting since — in addition to his work in communications forecasting and valuation — my brother, TFI’s President Lawrence Vanston, has an interest in AI. Earlier this year, his article “Forecasting the Impact of Artificial Intelligence: Another Voice” was published in the Foresight journal and he spoke on the topic at the recent Foresight Practitioner Conference. My sister, Carrie Vanston, The Alligator Wrangler, also helps with advice on the theme and wording. It is definitely a family effort!Microsoft Word - 2019 AI Holiday Card.docx

I hope you enjoy the AI greeting! I genuinely wish you Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!