Summer in Wyoming

I’ve made two trips to Wyoming during the Summer and remember how the landscape varied in different areas — golden rolling hills, lush forests, rolling rivers, majestic mountains. While most of my work is abstract, this one is a more representative landscape that I painted specifically for this beaded bloom because I thought it couldContinue reading “Summer in Wyoming”

Spring Garden and other works — Acrylic Abstract & Beads

Several years ago I started making beaded jewelry as a creative and relaxing way of expression. This expanded into symmetrical beaded designs I call bead blooms. I also started painting small abstracts using poured acrylic paints swishing the colors around using sticks, combs, forks, and other objects. After awhile I decided to combine the twoContinue reading “Spring Garden and other works — Acrylic Abstract & Beads”

Is it a Peacock … Agave … Wildflowers … Sea Monster … ?

This is a new piece incorporating my beadwork with my swishy abstract acrylics. Instead of positioning the bead bloom in a circle as usual, I decided to move the center to the bottom of the page and work up from there. I really like the organic look of the piece. Acrylic on Canvas Board withContinue reading “Is it a Peacock … Agave … Wildflowers … Sea Monster … ?”

Three Levels of Energy

I’m not sure who was more excited — me selling my painting, or having friend, Bijoy Goswami, buying it. I initially called it “Change of Seasons,” but it represented to him the three levels of energy — Mavens, Relaters, and Evangelists — that he discusses in his book, The Human Fabric! I like his interpretationContinue reading “Three Levels of Energy”