About Helen Mary

Helen Mary with her art at the 3LG

I’m a visual and graphic artist creating decorative art and jewelry utilizing a range of new and repurposed materials, photography, and traditional media. I often incorporate beads, rocks, branches, string, and other items into my abstract and impressionistic art. I enjoy working with different materials and seeing the often surprising juxtaposition and interplay of the different elements. (Here’s my artist talk from the 2020 Austin Studio Tour.) 

I am Director at Art84.org. Art 84 presents impactful original art, music, and dance through technology, media, and events. Art 84 hosts individual artists and collectives of various styles and media, along with live Dance + Music + Art events. We also explore the intersection of art and technology.

In addition to my art interests, I am the VP of Operations and Creative Director at Technology Futures, Inc., a research and consulting firm in Austin Texas.

I have loved art my entire life and always knew I’d have a career in some kind of creative field. I studied architecture and interior design at the University of Texas before changing my major to Art. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Texas State University. 

Prices are listed on some of the images. Please contact me at hmvmarek@tfi.com if you are interested in purchasing any of my art. Commissions on art and custom jewelry are also available.

-Helen Mary Vanston Marek

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