Digital Collages — Seasonal Flowers and Architectural designs

Seasonal Flowers Digital Collages:

My seasonal flowers are digital collages using my images of paintings with flowers and architectural elements added. I think they are really cheerful! Clockwise from top left: Summer Sunflower, Winter Rose, Spring Daisy, Maura’s Daisy*, Summer Sand Dollar, and Fall Flower.

Matted Prints are $50* (image 7×7″, mats 12×12″)

*Note: 50% of sales of Maura’s Daisy goes to Maura’s Voice a non-profit started in memory of the daughter of a friend who was the victim of gun violence:

Architectural Digital Collages:

“Stairway to the Unexplored” and “Climbing to New Heights” (below) are also digital collages. The backgrounds are from my paintings “Aquatic Pirouette” “Aquatic Expanse” before the beads were added. The stairs are superimposed over the images. I plan to make more of these in 2020! Contact me about prices.

Totes & Zippered Bags

I use the seasonal flowers and some of my paintings on totes and zippered bags.
Each bag is a little different.

Tote and zipper bags 1800x1800 by HMV Marek

Bags are $25.

The 13×13″ tote bags are available in several different colors and large enough for a computer tablet, papers, few groceries, etc.

The 9×6″ zippered bags are flat with a long rope shoulder strap that’s great for travel or dancing when you don’t want to leave your purse on the table. They are available in black and natural and have beaded zipper pull.

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