Super Excited to be in a Couple of Upcoming Art Shows!


HM TxState Campus RR ReImagine I’m super excited that three of my pieces are in upcoming shows in the Austin area.

“Aquatic Pirouette” (above) will be in the Round Rock Arts “ReImagine” show at the Texas State University, Round Rock Campus. The show runs Feb 28-April 4, 2020. This is especially dear to my heart since I got my BFA in Commercial Art from Texas State (then Southwest Texas State) in San Marcos.

And two of my works — “Change of Seasons” and “Stairway to the Unexplored” will be in the Art of Celebration show at Art for the People Gallery, a wonderful gallery in South Austin. The show runs through April 25, 2020.

Four Seasons Horz done 2

Change of Seasons” by Helen Mary V. Marek (2019)
Four 6×6” Panels (Acrylic and Misc. Items on Canvas Board) Mounted on Stained Basswood and Branches. 35 x 13 x 2” (plus branches)
I prefer this vertically, but it can either direction (shown horizontal).
$450.00 (available from AftP)
Meaning/Inspiration: Each 6×6” panel represents a season – the icy blue of Winter, the blossoming green of Spring, the cool colors of the beach in Summer, and the russet change of colors and twirling winds of Autumn – all mounted on wood and branches representing the tree of life.

5a_Helen Mary_Marek_Stairway to the Unexplored_Austin Artist_Austin Gifts

Stairway to the Unexplored” by Helen Mary V. Marek (2019)
Digital collage. Printed on Metal. Beaded detail on frame. 9.5 x 13.5
$75.00 (available from AftP)
Meaning/Inspiration: A mystical stairway leads up into an unknown space created by swirling colors. Where do the stairs lead? What adventures lie ahead? What mysteries await?

Aquatic Pirouette - HMV Marek 2

Aquatic Pirouette by Helen Mary V. Marek (2019)
Acrylic on Canvas board with beads and string 2019 12 x 16”
$275.00 SOLD
Inspiration: The swirling ocean and twirling ocean life between the fertile land, the breaking waves, the majestic sky, and the twirling swirling life that inhabits them all.

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