Stairway to the Unexplored

stairway to the unexplored sm

This particular piece started with one of my “swishy” paintings which I took a photo of. I then copied and reversed the photo in Photoshop to give it the mirror “inkblot” image. The stairway is behind my house on the hike and bike trail (they added two stairs a few years ago). I photographed it, removed the background, added a bunch of filters, duplicated it, changed the colors, and used a transparent filter, and placed it over the painted portion (all it Photoshop).

Stairway to the Unexplored (2019) Digital Collage
8×12″ Metal Print with bead details on frame. $65.
Framed 8×10″ Photo print. $60

I have a bead bloom for this painting too – which I’ll add later to the painted piece, but I like the effect achieved with working with images of it and photos. Plus it gives me another option for my swishy paintings!

This is a work-in-progress with “Ocean Burst” and it’s beaded Bloom (name probably will change). Ocean Burst was used to create “Stairway to the Unexplored” above.

Update: The below pieces came together as “Aquatic Pirouette”

ocean burst w bloom

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