Spring Garden and other works — Acrylic Abstract & Beads

Several years ago I started making beaded jewelry as a creative and relaxing way of expression. This expanded into symmetrical beaded designs I call bead blooms. I also started painting small abstracts using poured acrylic paints swishing the colors around using sticks, combs, forks, and other objects. After awhile I decided to combine the two together. I also often include rocks, nuts and bolts, gears, and miscellaneous found objects. Below are a number of these works.

Spring Garden

Spring Garden:
Meaning/Inspiration:  The bright and cheerful colors and beaded “bloom” spark thoughts of the first blossoms of Spring.

(2018) Acrylic on Canvas Board with Beads and String, 12 x 12” (14 x 14” framed)  $220
(Note, this has been reframed in a similar painted frame)

Blacklight bloom, Desert Sun, Peace bloom


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