Awhile back I bought an 8′ acrylic tube with plans to use for the legs of a painted table, but decided to go with a different base. I played around with different ideas on what to do with the tube, finally cutting it into smaller lengths and using sticks to paint inside.

Last fall I trimmed what was left of some wild bushes in the backyard, but thought the zigzaggy branches were too cool to toss. They sat around in our living room for a couple of months until I thought to incorporate them with the acrylic tubes. I like the juxtaposition of the two elements. Initially I planned to cut the sticks for a wall hanging, but then tried it as a taller piece that extends from the floor and really liked it. I designed a wooden box for the base, but then found this cool rectangular vase at Goodwill that was perfect. Great reuse too!

This reminds me of cat tails at the lake blowing in the breeze.IMG_4501


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